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Celotex and Kingspan are our best selling PIR rigid board brands. Ideal for pitched roofs

Pitched Roof PIR Boards

The use of Rigid Boards is very common. Celotex GA4000 and XR400 are popular, as is Kingspan TP10

Kingspan premium performance Kooltherm K7 boards for pitched roofs

Pitched Roof Phenolic

Kingspan K7 Kooltherm phenolic pitched roof boards for use above, between and below rafters

Popular brands Kingspan Kooltherm, Gyproc Thermaline Super, Knauf and Warmline Phenolic thermal laminates

Plasterboards Phenolic

High performance wallboards include Gyproc Thermaline, Kingspan K17 & K18 and Warmline Phenolic Laminate

Closed cell vapour insulation panels with additional compressive strength

Polystyrene EPS & XPS

Kingspan Styrozone XPS for large scale building projects. Kay Metzeler EPS70 for closed cell under floor boards

Reflective insulation barriers keeps properties warm in winter, cool in summer

Multi Foil Reflective Barrier

Reflect heat with Actis Super 10, Boulder SuperFoil, TLX Gold & Silver, YBS SuperQuilt & BreatherQuilt

Multi-layer reinforces aluminium foil laminate for external cladding applications

Cladding Foil Laminates

Durable aluminium foil laminates, Ultra, for external cladding sheets and cladding tape rolls

PIR rigid boards are ideal for flat roofs. Celotex and Kingspan are our best selling brands

Flat Roof PIR Boards

Choice of Foil and Glass Tissue faced boards, Kingspan ThermaRoof Range and Celotex SL5000 Soffit Boards

Flat Roof Phenolic Foam Rigid Boards

Flat Roof Phenolic

Sadly, Kingspan K11 Flat Roof boards are no longer available. Consider Kingspan TR24, TR26, TR27 or TR31 alternatives

Celotex PL4000, GD5000, GS5000, and Warmline PIR thermal laminates

Plasterboards PIR Insulated

Performance brands are Celotex GD5000, GS5000 & PL4000, and PIR Thermal Laminates Warmline

Stone mineral wool slabs with thermal and acoustic properties

Mineral Wool Building Slabs

Rockwool building slabs are readily available and great value. Also available in the London area is Knauf Earthwool

Traditional insulation and building control products combined with  heat reflective membranes

Multi Foil and Breather Hybrid

New to the market BoostR, H'Control & Actis Hybris Hybrid, SuperFoil SF19BB, YBS ThermaQuilt & BreatherQuilt

Elastomeric rubber cladding insulation for pipes, trunking and flat surfaces, such as water tanks

Elastomeric Nitrile Rubber

Armaflex foam rubber sheets and tubes manufactured from elastomeric nitrile rubber foam

Ideal for internal walls Celotex and Kingspan PIR rigid boards are a serious option

Internal PIR Wall Boards

Competing with the acoustic properties of stonewool slabs are Celotex PL4000 & FR5000, and Kingspan TW55

Kingspan Kooltherm K12 Framing Board and K17 & K18 Insulated Plasterboards

Internal Wall Phenolic

Kingspan have walls covered with their K17 & K18 insulated plasterboards and their K12 Kooltherm Framing Board

Popular brands Gyproc Thermaline Plus, Knauf and Warmline XPS thermal laminates

Plasterboards XPS Insulated

Gyproc Thermaline Plus, Knauf XPS Laminate and Warmline XPS Laminate

Flexible edged stone mineral wool slabs for a superior fit

Mineral Wool Flexi Slabs

For tight and secure fitting and ease of installation use Rockwool Flexi  or Knauf Earthwool flexible slabs

ideal for cavity walls and under suspended floor applications

Bubble Foil Heat Reflecting

YBS Airtec heat reflecting bubble foil offers suitable cavity wall and under ground-floor solutions

Impact noise inhibiting sponge foam insulation bonded to MDF, chip-board, and other building boards

Acoustic Insulation

Going beyond the basic properties of rigid and mineral are Cellecta and Karma composite products

Celotex Cavity Wall Boards, plus Fire Resistant and Rainscreen external boards

External PIR Wall Boards

Celotex CW4000 CF5000 Cavity Wall Boards, FR5000 Fire Resistant & RS5000 Rainscreen external

Kingspan Kooltherm K15 Rainscreen and K5 External Wall Boards

External Wall Phenolic

Kingspan K5 (EWB) External Wall Board is highly effective, as is  their K15 Kooltherm Rain-screen Board

Popular brands Knauf, Warmline and Gyproc Thermaline Basic,  EPS thermal laminates

Plasterboards EPS Insulated

Budget products include Gyproc Thermaline Basic, Knauf Thermal Laminate & Warm-line EPS Laminate

Full fill or partial fill slabs offering sound and thermal insulation properties

Mineral Wool Cavity Slabs

Thermal and acoustic full fill and partial fill cavity wall solutions from Rockwool and Knauf Insulation

Ultra thin heat reflective barriers are suitable for areas where potential condensation is not a consideration

Single Foil Laminate

YBS Foiltec, Actis Triso Sols, and Superfoil SFUF single foil laminates, ideal for under floor and cavity walls

Plastic bottles, sheep's wool, reconstituted into insulation rolls and slabs

Environmentally Friendly

Black Mountain Sheep's Wool and YBS Non-Itch insulation address environmental concerns

Celotex and Kingspan under floor PIR insulation

Under-Floor PIR Boards

The Celotex TB4000 & GA4000 ranges for under floors, for under-floor heating, use Celotex FI5000 or Kingspan TF70

Kingspan Kooltherm K3  Under Floor Phenolic Boards with high compressive strength

Under-Floor Phenolic

Ground floor Kingspan K3, offers high thermal values and great compressive strength

Specialist Vapour, Moisture, Fire and Acoustic Plasterboards

Plasterboards Specialist

Specialised plaster-boards  to combat fire, moisture, sound vapour transference from Gyproc, Knauf and Siniat

Kingspan Therma Range

Glass Wool Rolls - Thermal

Knauf Loft Roll 40 and Loft Roll 44 and Isover Spacesaver 43 cost effective cold-roof solutions

Building control breather membranes enhanced with reflective coatings

Reflective Membranes

Dupont Tyvek enhanced breather membranes, add reflective and building control properties

Plaster based cements, adhesives and fillers, tapes and clips

Accessories & Components

To complement the products and related items that we sell, we carry a small selection of such products

High fire rating, thermal and acoustic performance PIR boards

PIR Boards

Celotex offer extra performance thermal & fire rated boards - CG5000, FR5000,GD5000 and RS5000

Kingspan Kooltherm K10 Soffit Boards and K8 Cavity Wall Boards

Other Phenolic Boards

Kingspan K10 Soffit Boards and K8 Partial Fill Cavity Wall Boards have the best in class performance

Plasterboards thickness's 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 15mm and 19mm in various widths and lengths

Plasterboards Standard

Wallboards from Gyproc, Knauf and Siniat are available to complement your purchases

Semi rigid partition insulation for fast and easy installation

Glass Wool Rolls - Acoustic

Knauf Acoustic and Isover APR semi-rigid partition rolls offer fast installation and effective results

Vapour, moisture and air movement building control membranes

Breather Membranes

Tyvek Housewrap, Supro, Airguard & UV Façade are effective, high quality building control membranes

The majority of our products are priced using order quantity thresholds. Some products need to be priced on application due to availability, lead-times, exceptional delivery costs, etcetera

Priced on Application

Quite commonly, specialist and niche market product pricing is complex due to availability delivery charges

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