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Just Insulation

Established in 2002, is a family run business that specialises in offering a complete range of thermal and acoustic insulation, along with materials that complement these items.

Our goal is to offer the very best insulation products at the very best prices, We strive to provide a responsive service that offers the best lead-times and speedy, dependable deliveries.

Rigid Insulation Boards

Rigid foam thermal boards can be used in pitched roofs, flat roofs, lofts and roof voids, ceilings and soffits, interior and external walls, underfloor and underfloor heating applications. They are most commonly manufactured using a PIR, Phenolic or Polystyrene core, faced with low emissivity composite foil, glass tissue, or plywood. Our most popularly requested brands are Celotex; Kingspan; Ecotherm; Kay Metzeler; and Styrolite.

Mineral Fibre Slabs

Mineral wool slabs offer thermal and acoustic insulation properties and are commonly used between and under rafters, above ceilings, partition walls, and under floor. Stone wool is manufactured from molten rock that is spun, in a fashion not dissimilar to that of Candy Floss, resulting in intertwined fibres that are then bonded and compressed. Most popular brands are Rockwool ProRox, Flexi, FirePro and Rockfloor; Knauf Earthwool; and Isover Acoustic.

Glass Mineral Wool Rolls

Glass wool rolls are most often used as thermal insulants above and between ceiling joists, and as acoustic insulation between partitions. Deriving from silica sand, the manufacture is not dissimilar to that of stone wool. Knauf Loft Roll and Acoustic Roll; and Isover Spacesaver and APR1200, are our the brands most sought after.

Heat Reflecting Foil Insulation

Multi-foil and Foil Hybrids, Bubble-foils, and Single-foils, are the modern cheaper alternatives to rigid insulation boards that help insulate pitched roofs, external walls, and wet system underfloor heating. They are manufactured using aluminium foil or aluminised polyester. We offer a wide selection of products brands from Actis, Gen-X, SuperFoil, SuperQuilt, TLX and YBS.

Breather and Protective Membranes

Technologically advanced membranes for protecting against the movement of air, moisture, and water vapour within a building are becoming increasingly popular. The membranes now come with reflective and water-resistant coatings. We supply a large selection of Tyvek products, which are commonly delivered next working day the next working day.

Plasterboards and Insulated Wallboards

We offer durable, high quality standard linings, and insulated plasterboards for walls and ceilings, and stairwells and corridors. Suitable for even the most demanding fire, sound, thermal, moisture, vapour and impact resistance requirements in an unrivalled range of types and sizes. Manufactured by British Gypsum, Celotex, Fermacell, Kingspan, Knauf Drywall, Lafarge Siniat, Marmox, Speedline, and Warmline

Specialised Acoustic Insulation

Airborne sound is significantly easier to control than impact noise. Acoustic insulants that use or incorporate sound reducing membranes in their build-up are required to combat friction noise, vibrations and impacts. To resolve these issues we supply Karma Acoustic and Cellecta Acoustic products.