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Applications - Selecting appropriate application specific products

Kingspan Kooltherm K15 Phenolic Rainscreen Cladding Boards This insulated rainscreen board with composite foil on both sides and is used to insulate behind cladding systems, and should be installed between proprietary fixing rails. The insulation boards are easily cut to individual spacings

Selecting the most cost effective insulation product for a specific application, can be a delicate balancing act. Solutions multiply as differing insulation product types are added to the equation.

Selecting what appers to be the cheapest insulation may not offer the best solution. Products that appear to offer the best value may come with certain caveats, including … increased installation costs, fire safety issues, compressive strength anomalies, condensation risks, additional space requirements, etcetera.

We have created our 'Product Applications' section in an attempt to emphasise the most appropriate range of products that are suitable for the multifarious means of addressing individual insulation applications.

We have split the various applications into sections, as follows

Roof Applications

All about the application of pitched, flat, and loft floor installations

Pitched Roof Rafter Level

- including above, above + between, between + below, and below rafters

Flat Roof Insulation and Soffit Insulation

- including cold roofs and warm roofs

Loft level and Ceiling Insulation

- including cold roof applications

Wall Applications

Installin inulation on external walls, cavity walls, and interior walls

External Wall Boards

- including Full Fill Cavity Walls and Partial Fill Cavity Walls


Interior Walls

- including Insulation, Dry-lining and Stud-work Systems


Floor Applications

Ground floor, below ground-floor, and separating floor insulation applications

Ground Floors

- including Under-Floor and Under Heating applications


Separating Floors

- where effective sound insulation is all important


  • Regrettably, it is beyond our scope to offer U Value calculations on this web site or, indeed, to calculate U Values on behalf of others. We recommend the commissioning of a qualified person to undertake the calculations required for your project by Building Control.
  • To assist your selection of the most appropriate products, we have tried to provide as much information as is realistically possible throughout this web site. We have also made available a significant number of Product Certification Documents, Manufacturer's Datasheets, and Promotional Literature for Download.
  • You may also wish to visit individual manufacturer's web sites to garner further information, or to access the U Value and SAP calculators that may have been made available by them. To this end, we have included links to the manufacturer's contact details including web site addresses, email addresses, at the foot of each "Shop Online' and Product Brands page.
  • Information included in this 'Product Applications' section has been extracted from electronic and hard copy literature produced by the manufacturers. The opinions we offer on this web site are provided 'without prejudice' and are not intended to replace the 'due diligence' that should be undertaken by the buyer prior to making definitive decisions.
  • We strongly recommend that checks be undertaken with your architect, designer, building control officer, and/or read the product literature and datasheets prior to purchase or installation.

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