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Application - Solid External Walls & Cavity Walls

Kingspan Kooltherm K15 Phenolic Rainscreen Cladding Boards This insulated rainscreen board with composite foil on both sides and is used to insulate behind cladding systems, and should be installed between proprietary fixing rails. The insulation boards are easily cut to individual spacings

External Solid Wall Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation ...

Insulating external walls mainly falls into two categories - solid wall and cavity wall structures.

Either apply external rigid insulation boards to the outside wall - or rigid insulation and plasterboard or insulated plasterboard to the inside wall - or both.

Consideration does need to be given to damp / condensation.

Retro-fitting insulation to cavity walls cam be done by spraying  a foam insulant into the cavities. However, this is a specialist application, and is something that we do not undertake.

New build cavity walls applications can involve a significant number of options and we will endeavour to supply detailed possible solutions.

External Wall Insulation Installation Locations

External Wall applications include insulation ...

Premium performance cavity wall insulation, K8 phenolic foam boards with low emissivity foil facings are ideal for partial fill cavity walls constructions. Applications for this product include Cavity Wall (Partial Fill), Single Timber Frame Wall Lining, Steel Stud Frame Walls, Timber Frame Wall Lining, Timber Frame Walls Sheathing

Exterior Insulation ...

External wall boards are waterproof and have the facility to accept adhesive bonding to external cladding or render

Cavity Wall Insulation...

Rigid insulation boards are normally used for Partial Fill applications, while Semi-rigid slabs can be used for Full Fill or Partial Fill.

However, Celotex CF5097 is a recently developed  a PIR (polyisocyanurate) full-fill cavity wall board that offers excellent thermal values, which may turn out to be a game-changer.
Foil insulation is becoming increasingly popular in Cavity Walls, but requires airspaces.

Space permitting, combinations of Cavity Wall Insulation products can be used

Interior of External Wall Insulation ...

Solid external walls benefit from Insulated Plasterboard Thermal Laminates, as these are applied directly to the wall. They require the minimum space requirement, obviate thermal bridging requirements if wood or metal stud-work is utilised, and the all-in-one product minimises installation time / labour costs.

Please visit our 'Internal Partition & Interior of External Walls' page.

External Wall Build-up and Insulation Types / Combinations

Examples (in order of exterior to interior)

Brick / Block
Rigid (Partial or Full Fill) or Semi-rigid (Full or Partial Fill) insulation
Brick / block
Plasterboard / Insulated Plasterboard

Brick / Block
Brick / block
Plasterboard / Insulated Plasterboard

Render system
Rigid insulation
Brick / block
Plasterboard / Insulated Plasterboard

Cladding system
Breather membrane
Rigid insulation
Brick / Block
Plasterboard / Insulated Plasterboard

Brick / Block
Breather Membrane
Sheathing board
Rigid or Semi-rigid insulation - Partial Fill
Plasterboard / Insulated Plasterboard

Premium performance rigid phenolic insulation for fixing to masonry or timber frame walls behind either traditional or lightweight polymer modified render systems. Kooltherm K5 is suitable for external wall insulated render systemsFraming Board faced on both sides with a low emissivity composite foil facing which is highly resistant to the transmission of water vapour. The reflective, low emissivity surface can effectively double the thermal resistance of the cavity in which the board is placed. It may be installed either between or outside timber studwork

The brief examples above are indicative of the complexity of the build-up of external wall insulation solutions.

Consideration needs to be given to internal space demands when insulation solid walls.

The U Value requirement stipulated by Building Control will dictate the Cavity Wall design. And, the amount of cavity space available, in which to install the required insulation, will dictate the preferred solutions available.

External Wall Insulation Products

Listed below are links to the most popular application specific product brands associated with external wall insulation projects.

Rigid Insulation Boards

Semi Rigid Insulation

Multi-foil & Breather Foils

Breather & Foil Membranes

Plasterboards & Thermal Laminates

Celotex TB3000

Knauf Dritherm Slabs

Actis Super 10+

Tyvek Housewrap

Celotex PL4000

Celotex GA4000

Knauf Earthwool Slabs

SuperFoil SF19

Tyvek Airguard Control

Celotex GD5000

Celotex XR4000

Rockwool Mineral Slabs

SuperFoil SF19+

Tyvek Airguard Reflective

Gyproc Plasterboards

Celotex CF5000

Rockwool Flexi Slabs

SuperFoil SF40

Tyvek Reflex

Gyproc Thermaline

Celotex FR5000

Rockwool OminiFit

SuperFoil SF60

Tyvek UV Façade

Kingspan K17 or K18

Kingspan K5 (EWB)

TLX Silver

Knauf Plasterboard

Kingspan K8

YBS SuperQuilt

Knauf Thermal Laminate

Kingspan K12

YBS ThermaQuilt

Siniat GTEC Plasterboards

Kingspan K15

YBS Airtec Bubble

Kingspan TW50

YBS Foiltec Breather

Kingspan TW55

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