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Armacell flexible engineered foam insulation, expanded closed-cell Armaflex elastomeric engineered foams

Armaflex Rubber

Armaflex Nitrile Foam Elastomeric Rubber tubes and sheets

Celotex is no longer available on this web site. Please visit

Celotex Insulation

No longer available. Consider EcoTherm, Kingspan or Recticel

Celotex and Kingspan are our best selling PIR rigid board brands. Ideal for pitched roofs

Cellecta Insulation

Specialised sound proof solutions, and thermal insulation

Due to recent quality and supply issues, Celotex is being replaced by Ecotherm as our best selling PIR rigid board brand

Ecotherm PIR

Celotex alternative, offering a wide range of insulation solutions

Isover insulation rolls have ready-cut widths to fit joist spaces, unfaced glass mineral wool roll lightweight, flexible, resilient and non-combustible

Isover Glass Wool

Glass mineral wool loft rolls and acoustic partition rolls

Jabfloor EPS70 robust under floor expanded polystyrene insulation offers high compressive strength as part of a ground-floor construction

Jabfloor EPS70

Kay Metzeler EPS70 polystyrene ground floor insulation

Karma acoustic insulation range is diverse and effective. Acoustic membranes, polyethylene mats, chipboard acoustic laminates, acoustic joint insulation

Karma Acoustic

Specialised impact and airborne sound proofing solutions

Kay-Metzler EPS70 a Jabfloor 70 equivalent is a robust under floor insulation of high performance expanded polystyrene insulation

Kay Metzeler EPS

Jabfloor alternative EPS70 polystyrene floor insulation

Kingspan Kooltherm, Therma insulation for new or existing flat or pitched roofs, attic rooms, loft conversions, walls, floors and under floor heating

Kingspan Rigid

Phenolic, PIR and XPS rigid insulation boards

Knauf Earthwool stone wool universal building slabs, and glass mineral wool dritherm cavity slabs, unfaced glass mineral wool loft rolls and acoustic rolls

Knauf Insulation

Earthwool glass and stone mineral wool slabs and rolls

Monarfloor Icopal acoustic flanking wall, acoustic flooring, floating floor systems, timber floor overlays, and timber floor direct-to-joist treatments

Monarfloor: Icopal

Specialist acoustic floating floor insulation treatments

Recticel products are the strongest, flattest and best performing pir insulation boards due to their unique calibrated manufacturing process

Recticel PIR

Premium quality PIR, general purpose and application specific

Rockwool Flexi Flexible multi-purpose mineral wool slabs that expand to fit and hold it in place without the need for further fixtures

Rockwool Mineral

The most popular mineral stone wool insulation slabs

TLX Gold and Silver Multi-foils easily installed, space saving, flexible reflective insulation that can be combined with other insulation materials

TLX Gold / Silver

BBA Certified TLX Gold breather / multi-foil and TLX Silver multi-foil

Thermafleece CosyWool Roll's convenient compressed form reduces transport impacts by more than 50% compared to other natural insulation and makes it ideal for quick and easy installation.


Natural Sheep's Wool eco-friendly recycled insulation

Tyvek breather membranes offer maximum performance with minimum space requirements over or under rafters, on flat roofs, external walls, and floors

Tyvek Membranes

Breather membranes and reflective building control membranes

Warmline insulated plasterboards offer a single step application solution that improves thermal efficiency in both walls and roof applications

Warmline Drywall

Great value insulated plasterboards. Pallet quantities orders only

Ultra Vapour Clad external cladding high quality robus self-adhesive composite aluminium foil laminate tapes and claddings for the building and ducting

Ultra Cladding

External self-adhesive aluminium foil  for exterior cladding

YBS manufacturer innovative heat reflecting insulation including Multi-Foil Insulation for Floors, Roofs, Walls and Cavities, and Non-Itch products

YBS Insulation

Single, Bubble and Multi-foil, plus eco-friendly insulation

Overview: Insulation Manufacturers and Brands

Listed below is a list of the manufacturers with whom we most commonly deal. These are listed in alphabetical order to allow the speedy identification of the products that are of interest.

Should you require product brands from manufacturers that are not listed below, it may be that these items are supplied to us via the manufacturer's main distributor, and are priced upon application. In such a case, please send us your enquiry, and we will quickly respond.

To send us an enquiry Click here

Actis Insulation Multi-Foils and Heat Reflecting Hybrid Products

Actis insulation reflective foils, barriers, and multi-foils

Actis Triso Super 9 was the original multi-foil insulation, brought to the market by French manufacturer Actis Isolation in 2003. Since that time, Actis has created a number of heat reflecting hybrid products that combine modern technologies with traditional insulation methods.

Actis Insulation Complete Product List

Actis overview page shows all of the products we supply and their associated applications Overview

Actis Multi-Foil Insulation Products

Actis Triso Super 10 Plus, Actis Triso Sols, H'Control Hybrid

Actis Multi-Foil / Breather-foil Hybrid

Actis Boost'R

Actis Hybris Hybrid

Actis Hybris Hybrid

Armaflex from Armacell Elastomeric Nitrile Foam Rubber - Sheets and Tubes

Armaflex elastomeric rubber foam tubes and sheets

Armacel's expanded closed-cell structured rubber foam product, Armaflex, makes it an efficient insulation for ducting and pipe-work, reducing energy loss and preventing condensation, corrosion and mould growth.

Armaflex is an environmentally friendly product free of formaldehyde, fibres, dust and CFCs, with an ODP of zero.

Armaflex Complete Product List

Armaflex Tubes, Sheets, Tapes and Adhesives   Click here

Black Mountain NatuWool Sheep's Wool and Natural Hemp Insulation

Black Mountain natural products NatuWool sheep wool, and hemp insulation is environment eco friendly, and UK manufactured

Black Mountain's manufacturing facility is dedicated to producing natural environmentally friendly insulation products. The sheep’s wool used in production of NatuWool is a by-product of other industries and the minimal binder used contains recycled materials.

Black Mountain use up to 90% less embodied energy in comparison to many man-made insulation products, the wool used in their products permanently absorb significant quantities of carbon dioxide during their growth cycle.

Black Mountain Natuwool Product List

Black Mountain Natuwool and NatuHemp Rolls & Batts Click here

Cellecta Acoustic and Thermal Extruded Polystyrene Composite Boards

Cellecta performance acoustic insulation. Sound reduction products for new build and refurbishment projects delivered direct from the factory to your door

Sound proofing solutions suitable for property refurbishments and conversions, as well as new builds, include acoustic battens, acoustic overlay floor boards, screed boards, and acoustic resilient layers.

Thermal insulation solutions include products for pitched roofs, inverted flat roofs, timber flat roofs, external and internal walls, floors and inverted floors, car-park decks, as well as specialist application products.

Cellecta Product Information List

Cellecta Acoustic Insulation Products   Click here

Cellecta Thermal Insulation Products   Click here

Gyproc Dry-lining - Standard, Specialised and Insulated Plasterboards

British Gypsum modern plasterboards provide high quality linings that are available in a broad range of types and sizes, allowing the selection of exactly the right product for each application. ThermaLine Insulated Plasterboards comprise Gyproc WallBoard laminated to a layer of thermal insulating material, enabling a high quality wall finish and an efficient thermal lining to be fitted in one simple operation.

Gyproc Plasterboards and Insulated Wallboards - Complete Product List

Gyproc overview page showing all Gyproc products   Overview

Gyproc Standard and Application Specific Wallboards

Gyproc Standard, Duplex, Moisture, Fire and Sound Wallboards - Click here

Gyproc ThermaLine insulated thermal laminate Plasterboards

Gyproc Insulated Plasterboards featuring EPS, XPS and Phenolic Insulation - Click here

Gyproc dry lining plasterboards and thermal laminates boards

Isover - Glass Mineral Wool

Isover Spacesaver rolls are high quality thermal insulation mats in roll form, perforated along the roll to allow the user the choice of full, half or third width options from a single roll. Isover APR 1200 is a non-combustible glass mineral wool roll for sound insulation in partitions, walls and floors that does not slump under its own weight when suspended vertically.

Isover GMW Rolls - Complete Product List

Isover Glass Mineral Wool Loft Rolls & Acoustic Partition Rolls Overview

Isover Loft Roll 43 - Glass Mineral Wool

Isover Spacesaver 43 - Widths of 386mm, 580mm and 1160mm from a single roll Click here

Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll and APR1200 Acoustic Roll

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll - Glass Mineral Wool

Isover APR1200 - 600mm and 400mm widths Click here

Karma Acoustic

Karma offers a wide range of competitively priced, high performance acoustic solutions for walls, partitions, floors and other structural applications.

All Karma products offer the same high standards, achieve optimal performance levels, and are ideal for refurbishment and new build projects.

Karma Complete Product List

Karma Acoustic Membrane and associated products Click here

Karma acoustic sound insulation reduces impact and airborne noise

Kay Metzeler EPS70 - Describe product

Kay-Metzler EPS70 a Jabfloor 70 equivalent is a robust under floor insulation of high performance expanded polystyrene insulation

Kay Metzeler EPS70 Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Board. .. insulation for floating; suspended; beam and block floors, and incorporation with underfloor heating. It can also be used below a sand/cement screed, above either a concrete slab, pre-cast suspended concrete floor systems in domestic ground-floor constructions

Kay Metzeler EPS70 Expanded Polystyrene for ground floor insulation applications

Kay Metzeler EPS70

Kay Metzeler EPS70 under ground floor expanded polystyrene boards Click here

Kingspan Rigid Insulation Boards - Describe product

Kingspan Phenolic, PIR and XPS Rigid Insulation Boards

Kingspan manufactures high performance rigid Phenolic Foam, PIR (polyisocyanurate), and XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) insulation solutions for new build and refurbishment applications a variety of building applications. Specialist insulation boards have a limited market, or may only used in large building projects. As such, they may not be available from stock, and require minimum order levels.

Kingspan Phenolic, PIR and XPS Product List

Kingspan Kooltherm, Therma insulation for new or existing flat or pitched roofs, attic rooms, loft conversions, walls, floors and under floor heating.

Kingspan Products Overview Page showing Product Applications Overview

Kingspan Kooltherm Range of Phenolic Foam Rigid Insulation Products

Kingspan Kooltherm K3, K5, K7, K8, K10, K12, K15, K17 and K18

Kingspan Therma Range of PIR Rigid Insulation Boards

Thermapitch TP10 - Thermaroof TR24, TR26, TR27 & TR31.
Thermawall TW50, TW53 & TW55 - Thermafloor TF70

Kingspan Styrozone Range of Polystyrene Rigid Insulation Boards

Kingspan Styrozone XPS Products Overview - Click here

Knauf Dry-lining - Standard, Specialised and Insulated Thermal Laminate Plasterboards

Knauf Plasterboard high quality dry lining products are ideal for most applications where acoustic, structural, and normal fire standards are required

Knauf plasterboards are manufactured from high quality gypsum, with a purity of not less than 95%, which makes the plasterboards light, strong and easy to cut. Knauf Thermal Laminates combine the qualities of Knauf Wallboards with additional insulating materials to provide thermal and acoustic performance, plus condensation control where required.

Knauf Plasterboards and Thermal Laminate Wallboard Product List

Knauf Drylining Products Overview Page showing product applications; Overview

Knauf Standard and Application Specific Wallboards

Knauf Standard Plasterboards,  Fire Panel, Moisture Panel, Vapour Check and Sound Shield Click here

Knauf Thermal Laminate Insulated Plasterboards

Knauf Thermal Laminates - Knauf Plasterboards laminated to EPS, XPS or Phenolic Insulation Click here

Knauf Drywall Standard and Specialist Plasterboards Insulated Laminate Boards

Knauf Mineral Insulation - Glass Wool and Stone Wool Rolls and Slabs

Knauf Earthwool Glass and Stone Mineral Wool Slabs

Loft Rolls (40 & 44), Rafter Rolls and Acoustic Rolls, plus Earthwool Building Slabs, Flexible Slabs, and Dritherm Cavity Wall Slabs are all manufactured by Knauf Insulation. However, outside of the Greater London area, only the mineral wool rolls are readily available for immediate delivery. Minimum order levels may apply to Knauf mineral Slabs

Knauf Earthwool stone wool universal building slabs, and glass mineral wool dritherm cavity slabs, unfaced glass mineral wool loft rolls and acoustic rolls

Knauf Earthwool Rolls and Slabs, plus Dritherm Cavity Batts

Knauf Insulation Products Overview Page showing product applications; Overview

Knauf Mineral Wool Rolls

Knauf Earthwool Rolls - Loft Rolls, Rafter Rolls, Acoustic Rolls

Knauf Mineral Wool Slabs

Knauf Earthwool Slabs - Building Slabs, Cavity Wall Slabs

Rockwool Mineral Insulation - Stone Wool Slabs

The Rockwool range of stone mineral wool products is used in multiple applications including floors, walls, roofs and industrial applications. Rockwool insulation slabs are high quality resin bonded water repellent batts that can be used for thermal, acoustic and fire insulationBuilding slabs from Rockwool are thermal and acoustic insulation batts that offer exceptional  fire resistance properties

Rockwool Stone Mineral Complete Product List

Rockwool Flexi, Cavity and Building Slabs, plus Fire Barrier Systems; Overview

Rockwool Building Slabs

Rockwool Flexi, General Purpose Slabs and Cavity Batts - Flexi-Slabs, Building Slabs, Cavity Batts

Rockwool Fire Barrier System

Rockwool Fire Barrier Rolls, Brackets and Clamping Plates - Click here

Rockwool Mineral Wool Slabs derived from Glass and Stone

Recticel Premium Quality PIR Rigid Insulation Boards

Multi-purpose rigid insulation boards with a closed cell PIR foam core, faced on both sides with a multi-layer, coated aluminium foil, making it well suited either between studs or as an insulated sheathing for many different types of pitched roofing, flooring and framed wall applications.

Recticel PIR Complete Product List

Recticel Multi-purpose and Application Specific Rigid PIR Insulation Overview

Recticel offer premium quality Insulation products for roofs, floors and walls

Siniat GTEC Plasterboards

Siniat Plasterboard GTEC Standard and Application Specific Drywall Boards

Siniat Plasterboards provide economic, high performance options for separating walls and timber frame or masonry external walls, upper and ground floor stud partitions of metal or frame built, plus top-floor and separating floor ceilings. These high quality specialist dry-linings address vapour, moisture, fire and sound transference issues.

GTEC Siniat Plasterboard Complete Product List

Siniat GTEC quality drylining General Purpose and Application Specific Plasterboards; Overview

TLX  Silver Multi-Foil & TLX Gold Breather / Multi-Foil Hybrid

TLX Gold and Silver Multi-foils easily installed, space saving, flexible reflective insulation that can be combined with other insulation materials

TLX Silver from Web Dynamics was the first multi-foil to be awarded BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification.

Web Dynamics was the first to create a Multi-Foil / Breather Membrane hybrid, namely TLX Gold, which was the first multi-layer insulation product that combined both breather membrane and multi-foil insulation in a single application product.

TLX Product Overview

TLX - a brief overview of Web Dynamics popular products; Overview

TLX  Multi-layer heat reflecting membranes

TLX Multi-foil and Breather Membrane / Multi-Foil Combination - TLX Silver, TLX Gold

TLX Silver and TLX Gold Multi Foil Insulation from Web Dynamics

Tyvek - Building Control Membranes

DuPont Tyvek Breather Membranes and Building Control Membranes

Breather membranes from DuPont Tyvek protect buildings and their occupants from the elements by providing long-term building protection and improved energy efficiency.

Breather membranes help combat condensation and infiltration by water and air, while other products add effective fire retardancy. Layers commonly consist of heat-stabilised polyethylene for reliable, long-term performance and UV/heat resistance – something other membranes cannot always guarantee.

Tyvek Reflective and Non-Reflecting Building Membranes Complete Product List

Tyvek breather membranes offer maximum performance with minimum space requirements over or under rafters, on flat roofs, external walls, and floors

Tyvek Breathable and Non-Permeable Membranes ; Overview

Tyvek Breathable Building Control Layers

Breather membranes - Housewrap, Supro / Supro Plus, AirGuard Control, UV Facade

Tyvek Reflective Building Control Layers

Reflective Membranes - AirGuard Reflective, Enecor, Metal ProClad, Reflex

Ultra VapourClad Composite Aluminium Foil Cladding and Tapes

Ultra Vapour Clad external cladding high quality robus self-adhesive composite aluminium foil laminate tapes and claddings for the building and ducting

Ultra Vapour Clad is a multi-layered peel off laminate covering, requiring no additional mastics or adhesives to create a seal. Ultra is an advanced, economical alternative for replacement of mastics, glass fibre cloth, butyl sheeting and other external insulation coverings.

Ultra Vapour Clad Cladding and Tapes Product Details

Ultra self-adhesive cladding rolls and tapes Overview

Warmline Insulated Plasterboards - Pallet quantities only

U-Value Standard, Application Specific, and Insulated Thermal Laminate Plasterboardslogo texts

Great value thermal laminate dry-wall products, available only in pallet quantities.

Warmline cost effective high performance insulated plasterboards offer a single step application solution, which improves thermal efficiency in both walls and roof applications. These boards can be fixed mechanically, or by traditional dot and dab methods

Warmline Thermal Laminates featuring Phenolic, PIR, XPS and EPS Insulation

Warmline Plasterboard Laminates insulated with EPS, XPS, PIR or Phenolic Foam; Overview

YBS Insulation - Single, Bubble and Multi-Foil Products

YBS Super, Breather and Therma Quilts, plus Airtec Bubble and  Foiltec Single Foil

YBS manufacture innovative heat reflecting Insulation material distributing high quality insulation products to the building industry.

YBS products include Multi-Foil Insulation, Floor Insulation, Roof Insulation, Wall Insulation, Cavity Insulation, as well as Non-Itch eco-friendly products.

Each product goes through stringent testing, and comes with certification from recognised testing facilities, such as CE; BBA; BDA & LABC,

YBS Reflective Insulation Products - Complete List

YBS Multi-Foils and Breather Multi-Foils, Single Foil Laminates and Bubble-Foils ; Overview

YBS Multi-Layer Insulation Products

YBS Multi-Foils and Breather Hybrids - SuperQuilt, ThermaQuilt, BreatherQuilt

YBS Single Layer Foil Laminates and Bubble Foils

YBS Heat Reflecting Membranes - Airtec Bubble-Foil, Foiltec Single Foil Laminate

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