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Products Categories - Mineral Wool Thermal and Acoustic Rolls

Glass Mineral Wool Insulation

Stone and glass mineral wool offer both thermal and acoustic insulation properties, and are resistant to fireThermal Insulation - lightweight loft / roof void insulation, cavity wall insulation, external wall, and metal framed building cladding rolls.

Acoustic Insulation - sound insulation (absorption) within partitions and floors, as well as excellent fire properties - non-combustible and suitable for temperatures up to 230°C,

Glass mineral wool is made from sand and recycled glass, limestone and soda ash. These are the same ingredients that are used to make familiar glass objects such as window panes or glass bottles.

The glass is spun to form millions of fine fibres. A resin is used to bind the fibres together to form a mat of material that is characterised by long fibres that offer good tear strength.

Mineral Wool Loft Rolls

A high quality thermal insulation, perforated along the roll to allow the user the choice of full, half or third width options from a single roll. Typically used as loft insulation.

Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 40 & 44 Combi Cut

An ‘unfaced’ loft insulation products designed for merchants and distributors to stock in a range of thickness’s prior to distribution to end user customers.
Even when stocked for several months it will recover to its manufactured thickness when unrolled.

Isover Spacesaver Loft Insulation Roll 43

A high quality thermal insulation, perforated along the roll to allow the user the choice of full, half or third width options from a single roll. Typically used as loft insulation.

Mineral Wool Rafter Roll

Knauf Earthwool Rafter Roll 32

An unfaced, semi-rigid roll of glass mineral wool with extra high thermal performance for between rafter insulation.

When unrolled and cut to length, Rafter Roll 32 behaves much like a slab and is therefore perfect for friction fitting between rafters.

Mineral Wool Acoustic Roll

Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Rolls

The excellent acoustic insulation properties of glass mineral wool, combine in a specialist sound reducing insulation product suitable for use in new build separating walls, partitions, and floors, as well as for the upgrade of existing buildings to provide improved sound insulation and resistance.

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200)

A glass mineral wool roll providing high levels of acoustic insulation in partitions, walls and floors to meet acoustic requirements in domestic and non-residential applications. The rolls push-fit between 600mm stud centres making it easy to install

Mineral Wool Cavity Roll

Rockwool Cladding Roll

A lightweight flexible mat, offering thermal and acoustic insulation properties, suitable for the external walls and roofs of metal framed buildings. It provides excellent thermal insulation, fire protection and soundproofing performance.

Mineral Wool Rolls from other Manufacturers

It is a sad reality that the market is afflicted with a large number of glass wool products, not all of which are certified. Particularly, in the case of Loft Roll, it is always worth checking the thermal values of the product before assuming that the purchase is a 'good deal.'

All of the products that we supply have certified performance statistics and appropriate approvals.

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