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DuPont™ Tyvek Enecor Roof Metalised

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The low emissivity breather roof membrane for optimal thermal comfort and moisture management.

Enercor Roof is a vapour open roof underlay with a metallised surface that keeps radiant heat out in summer and helps to reduce heat loss in winter.

Enecor Roof is a vapour open roof underlay with a metallised surface which keeps radiant heat out in summer and helps to reduce heat loss in winter. Enecor Roof should be used in unsupported (tiled/slated) roofs and fits also for profiled cladding (metal sheet) pitched roofs.

Tyvek Enercor Roof Membrane

When searching for the right reflective breather membrane, prioritise low emissivity products. Emissivity is the basis upon which the product functions as a reflective thermal layer.

This is the concept that products such as Enercor Roof, which provide improved thermal value to a roof element as they reduce the amount of radiant heat being lost through the building fabric.

As such, these types of metalised membranes have the ability to ‘emit’ less heat compared to a standard breather membrane.

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Rarely requested product sourced directly from manufacturer. Du-Pont Tyvek Double-sided Acrylic Tape, 50mm x 25m = 25lm - start at £16.12

1 plus rolls @ £0.68 per lm = £17.05 (£20.46 inc-VAT)
5 plus rolls @ £0.67 per lm = £16.86 (£20.23 inc-VAT)
10 plus rolls @ £0.67 per lm = £16.68 (£20.02 inc-VAT)
15 plus rolls @ £0.66 per lm = £16.49 (£19.79 inc-VAT)
20 plus rolls @ £0.65 per lm = £16.31 (£19.57 inc-VAT)
25 plus rolls @ £0.64 per lm = £16.12 (£19.34 inc-VAT)

Rarely requested product sourced directly from manufacturer. Du-Pont Tyvek Tape, 75mm x 25m = 25lm - start at £23.19

1 plus rolls @ £24.52 (£29.42 inc-VAT)
5 plus rolls @ £24.26 (£29.11 inc-VAT)
10 plus rolls @ £23.99 (£28.79 inc-VAT)
15 plus rolls @ £23.72 (£28.46 inc-VAT)
20 plus rolls @ £23.46 (£28.15 inc-VAT)
25 plus rolls @ £23.19 (£27.83 inc-VAT)

Less popular product commonly available at selected depots. Du-Pont Tyvek Metalised tape, 75mm x 25m = 25lm - start at £31.39

1 plus rolls @ £33.19 (£39.83 inc-VAT)
5 plus rolls @ £32.83 (£39.40 inc-VAT)
10 plus rolls @ £32.47 (£38.96 inc-VAT)
15 plus rolls @ £32.11 (£38.53 inc-VAT)
20 plus rolls @ £31.75 (£38.10 inc-VAT)
25 plus rolls @ £31.39 (£37.67 inc-VAT)

Tyvek Enecor Roof - Price and Availability Advisory

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Product Applications

Tyvek AirGuard Reflective , foruse as a low emissivity vapour control layer/air barrierin roofs

It should be used in unsupported (tiled/slated) roofs and is suitable  for profiled cladding (metal sheet) pitched roofs also. Tyvek Enercor Roof is installed beneath tiles or slates as the roof underlay with the reflective side facing downwards into a non-ventilated airspace.

Enercor is suitable for use in systems with insulation installed at rafter level (warm roof) or joist level (cold roof) but is not suitable for use in supported applications.

Tyvek Enercor - Product Properties

  • Boost insulation performance by up to 20%, with up to 15% savings in home energy costs
  • Blocks 85% of radiant heat in the summer keeping the building cool inside
  • Helps to achieve Part L airtightness requirements
  • Trusted performance and proven durability
  • The first Reflective Breather Membrane for thermal management - successfully installed in the UK since 2002
  • Suitable for all tiled/slated pitched roofs
  • Saves money with an Airtight and more Energy Efficient construction for superior long term performance
  • Extremely diffusion open membranes with one of the lowest emissivities available on the market
  • Improved durability due to less heat absorption of the metallised surface
  • High resistance to oxidation due to additional lacquer (assured long term thermal performance)
  • Fully BBA certified (No 08/4548, product sheet 7)

Product characteristics (nominal) ...

Composition  Composite of High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene
 Roll size  1.0 m x 50 m
 Roll weight  15 kg
 Mass per unit area  148 gr/m2
 UV exposure  4 months
 Product- / Functional layer thickness  420/ 175 µm
 Water vapour transmission (Sd)  0.015 m
 Emissivity  0.15
 CE  marking Yes

Tyvek Enercor - Product Attributes


The airspace beneath Enecor Roof is fundamental to benefit from the product’s low emissive performance.
A non-ventilated cold roof void with insulation at joist level will provide a sufficient airspace for this purpose.
In the case of sloping ceilings, where the insulation is installed at rafter level, the optimum airspace is 25 mm.


Enecor Roof should be fixed with stainless steel staples or corrosion resistant nails:
Horizontal fixing 600 mm centres • Vertical fixing 300 mm centres

Eaves carrier

Prior to the installation of Enecor Roof, fix Tyvek Eaves Carrier (or similar UV resistant material) over the fascia board/rafters and dress into the gutter. Secure Tyvek Eaves Carrier with galvanized clout nails.

Install the first run of Enecor Roof parallel to the eaves so that the leading edge laps onto the eaves carrier by a minimum of 150 mm. Install Enecor Roof over rafters or counter battens with the reflective side facing downwards.

The membrane shall be pulled taut to create a minimal drape.

A clear airspace of nominal 25 mm must be maintained beneath the membrane for thermal efficiency.

Laps & Tape

Laps - the upper run of Enecor Roof must overlap the lower to prevent water from running behind the membrane.
All horizontal laps should be at least 150 mm and vertical laps 300 mm.

Tape - The airtightness of Enecor Roof can be greatly improved by sealing all laps and penetrations with adhesive tape. Tyvek Metallised Tape (single sided) or Tyvek Butyl Tape (double sided) are recommended.
Penetrations, perimeters and abutments should also be sealed to ensure an effective vapour control layer and air leakage barrier.


Form a 300 mm wide double strip of Enecor Roof over the centre line of the ridge.


Terminate Enecor Roof at the external face of the wall and secure with a timber batten or dress into mortar.
If a fascia board is specified turn the membrane up against the board 50 mm.


Enecor Roof should lap at least 300 mm down each side of the hip so that a 600 mm wide double layer is formed over the centre-line of the hip.


Form a double layer of Enecor Roof beneath valley tiles or lay a separate strip of membrane directly onto
a support board beneath lead/GRP. Terminate the main roofing layer of Tyvek over the valley fillet/batten.


Turn Enecor Roof up the face of the wall a minimum of 75 mm or terminate behind a lead flashing.
Where a secret gutter is used finish the membrane over the fixing batten.

Roof windows

Dress Enecor Roof around the roof window to drain surface water around the detail.
Upstands around windows should be 75 mm min. Follow window manufacturers instructions wherever possible.


DuPont™ AirGuard should be made vapour and convection tight at all window and door openings, loft hatches, etc. The membrane should be sealed tight against the frame with Tyvek Butyl Tape or tucked in and compressed by the frame.


Penetrations through DuPont™ AirGuard should be kept to a minimum and any that are made should be sealed.
Penetrations for pipework, wiring and ducting should be sealed with Tyvek Butyl Tape or Tyvek Metallised Tape.

Damage repair

Any damage that occurs in Enecor Roof should be made good as soon as possible. Minor damage
may be repaired with Tyvek Metallised Tape (single sided). More extensive damage should be covered with
a Tyvek Enercor patch. Large areas of damaged Tyvek should be replaced completely

Tyvek Enercor - Product Installation

Unsupported Applications (fig. 1 and 2)

Roof is installed with the metallised side facing the loft space. It is laid directly over the rafters and allowed to drape slightly for drainage beneath tiling battens. A non-ventilated airspace of nominal 25mm must be maintained between the membrane and the insulation to gain the full thermal benefit of the product‘s low emissivity surface. Counter battens will not be required in this application.Tyvek Enecor Installation Diagrams

Over counter battens (fig. 3 and 4)

Roof can also be draped over counter battens that are installed over timber boarding or rigid insulation.

Sealed roof system (fig. 5 and 6)

Roof may also be installed in a fully supported condition with the low emissivity surface facing upwards and counter battens

fixed over. This method can be adopted where a sealed system is specified to improve the energy efficiency of the roof system.

All laps and penetrations in the membrane must be sealed with Tyvek Metallised Tape.

Product Information and Certification

Links to manufacturer's information. Click to download in a separate browser window.

Dupont Tyvek Enercor Roof Datasheet | Tyvek Enercor Roof Roof BBA Certificate | Tyvek Enercor & Airguard Installation Guide

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