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Importing and exporting insulation products

Importing from Insulation Online Limited, and exporting by Insulation Online Limited

Join our growing list of customers who realise the benefits of direct importation of their insulation requirementsEurozone

  • Consider the money you could save by directly importing insulation into your country from England.
  • Buying insulation from us, you can save very significant amounts - even after shipping and carriage charges. If your order exceeds £1,000 before VAT you may be paying very much more than you need. Enjoy the benefits of fair trade in Europe, and consider our prices before buying locally.
  • Insulation costs can often be halved by buying directly from us ... even after paying for importation costs such as transportation.
  • Even, what appear to be, unfavourable currency exchange rates can hide the fact that insulation products are commonly very considerably more expensive on the continent, than the are here in the UK.
  • Join our growing list of off-shore customers who import insulation into their home country, be it within the Eurozone, Europe or beyond. Last year, more than ten percent of our business went off-shore.
  • We have supplied customers from Eire, Channel Islands, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Scandanavia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Spain.
  • Outside of Europe, we have supplied customers as far as the Caribbean, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia.

Freight Handling and Costs

  • freight container shipOur preferred method is to put the customer in touch with our nominated freight handlers so they may compare prices with those locally available to them.
  • The customer can then negotiate and pay the price that best satisfies them.
  • Alternatively, we can arrange the freight from our side and provide an all inclusive price to the customer.
  • In rare cases, due to licence arrangements between manufacturers and national distributors, we may not be allowed to export certain products.
  • However there can be no restriction on customers purchasing, then subsequently exporting any of our products to their country of residence ... regardless of the protestations of independently self-appointed "national" distributors.

VAT and Importation Taxes

  • VAT-Taxes-HMRCThe settlement of VAT is an absolute requirement in European Community Member States, and may be settled at the point of origin of a purchase, or in the country to which the goods are exported.
  • Where goods are exported with the intention of paying VAT within the country in which the goods are ultimately received, proof of exportation is required.
  • If the customer wishes to pay the VAT in their home country the UK portion of the VAT may be withheld until the appropriate documentation is furnished.
  • VAT is is not charged on purchases exported outside of European Union controlled countries.
  • However, proof of exportation is required, and VAT refunds may be withheld until the appropriate documentation is furnished.

Delivery Charges in and around the UK Mainland

  • Delivery to the Southern Ireland is currently charged at approximately £75.00 per pallet and £135.00 per double pallet.
  • Delivery Charges to Northern Ireland, the Hebrides, Channel Islands, et cetera will incur shipping costs of approximately £150.00 per pallet.
  • A minimum order level of £1,000.00 applies to such orders.

Deliveries to EC Member States and Off-shore Destinations

  • Eurozone purchases are commonly calculated on the assumption that the the Buyer pays the transportation charge from a delivery point they nominate within the United Kingdom.
  • We work with a number freight handling agents and can offer Buyers information relevant to deliveries to their countries. Please remember that we will only export orders that exceed £1,000 before VAT.
  • We can arrange, and pay for, product exports on behalf of our customers, but additional costs will be incurred.

Manufacturer's exclusivity deals and their effect upon product exports

  • Occasionally, some manufacturer's licensing agreements with their nominated vendors in other countries may inhibit our efforts to export products at the same prices we charge here in the UK.
  • It seems that the common understanding of the 'free market' does not always apply to a small cadre of manufacturers. In reality, certain brands can cost dramatically more, sometimes double the cost, of exactly the same product sold in the UK.
  • Fortunately, we are not obliged to enquire if bone fide insulation products, purchased and delivered within the UK, are destined for onward export.
  • We intend to provide some cost comparison, and publishing some case studies relating to import / exports that we have undertaken in the past. Including, one case where the manufacturer of a well known multi-foil insulation product threatened litigation against us for making available to customers in Italy their products ... at less than half the price their local agent was charging!

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