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Celotex Crown Fix Flat Roof Rigid PIR Insulation

Celotex Crown-Fix installed in a typical flat roof application

Crown Fix, Crown-Bond and Crown-Up are newly launched flat roof insulation boards designed to replace Celotex's EL3000, TA4000, TC3000 and TD4000 product ranges. Specifically, the Crown-Fix range appears to replace TD4000.

Crown-Fix is not yet available to us, but we expect to be able to supply in the near future the following board thicknesses - 50mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm and 140mm

Product Applications

Suitable to be used on fully sealed metal, timber and concrete decks, and is compatible with mechanical fix single ply membranes Secured to the deck with nailable plugs, or thermally broken fasteners mechanical fixings, to avoid interstitial condensation

Specifically designed for flat roof insulation applications

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Common product, generally held by all depots Generic Aluminised Tape, 100mm x 45m = 45lm - ranging from £0.13 to £0.14 per lm

1 plus rolls @ £0.14 per lm = £6.35 (£7.62 inc-VAT) per roll
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25 plus rolls @ £0.13 per lm = £6.07 (£7.28 inc-VAT) per roll

Our Prices are currently being revised please contact us for the latest prices

Price and Availability Information

Presently there are no availability restrictions, apart from manufacturing lead-times and minimum quantity order levels on certain product sizes.
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Product Characteristics

Celotex Crown-Fix is a brand new product for use in flat roof systems. Crown-Fix is a high performance rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation which delivers excellent dimensional stability and added robustness in a mechanically fixed single ply membrane flat roofing system.

The insulation boards are available in nominal dimensions of length (mm) 2400 x width (mm) 1200. Required ancillary materials include nailable-plugs, and thermally broken fasteners.

Board size: 1200 x 2400mm, thicknesses 50mm - 140mm, Lambda: 0.022 W/mK, Compressive strength (kPa) ≥ 150, Dimensional stability - DS(70,90)3 – DS(-20-)1, Low emissivity foil facings

Product Advantages

Celotex Crown-Fix range of high performance thermal insulation provides reliable long term energy savings for buildings. Its low emissivity foil facers give improved thermal insulation and provides a vapour control layer when board joints are taped. Thermal bridging through studs and rails is reduced, and it can be nailed direct to stud framing, and can be dry-lined directly over insulation

Product Specifications

Celotex Crown-Fix PIR Insulation Boards for Flat Roof Applications

Product Code

Board dimensions

Thickness (mm)

λ Value (w/mK)

R-value (m²K/W)

U Value (W/m²K)

Weight (kg/m²)

Unit weight (kg)

Crown-Fix 50mm 1.2 x 2.4 = 2.88m² 50 0.022 2.25 0.44 2.16 2.16
Crown-Fix 100mm 1.2 x 2.4 = 2.88m² 100 0.022 4.50 0.22 4.08 4.08
Crown-Fix 110mm 1.2 x 2.4 = 2.88m² 110 0.022 5.00 0.20 4.47 4.47
Crown-Fix 120mm 1.2 x 2.4 = 2.88m² 120 0.022 5.45 0.18 4.85 4.85
Crown-Fix 140mm 1.2 x 2.4 = 2.88m² 140 0.022 6.35 0.16 5.62 5.62

Thermal conductivity / Lambda value (W/mK) = 0.022 | Compressive strength (kPa) = ≥ 150 | Water vapour resistance (MNs/g) = > 150 | Fire performance Class 1 in accordance with BS 476 Part 7
Please Note: R-Value = Thermal Resistance; U Value = Thermal Transmittance Co-efficient; Compressive strength = kiloPascals; Vapour resistance = MegaNewton seconds per gram.

Product Information and Certification

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