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Celotex SL5000 Soffit Insulation Board - NEW!

Celotex SL5000 PIR insulation in concrete soffit liner applications requiring premium fire and insulation performance

Celotex SL5000 is a premium performance concrete soffit liner solution, utilising thermal performance properties of Celotex PIR insulation bonded with calcium silicate to provide additional fire performance.

Celotex's new SL5000 range of high specification boards come in the following ticknesses, 86mm, 96mm and 106mm. These thicknesses include the 6mm calcium silicate boards bonded to the high performance PIR insultion.

Product Applications

Celotex SL5000 is a premium performance soffit insulation solution, suitable for a range of soffit applications under structural ceilings including carpark ceilings

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Celotex SL5000 is a premium performance concrete soffit liner solution, utilising thermal performance properties of Celotex PIR insulation bonded with calcium silicate to provide additional fire performance.

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Product Description

SL5000 is specifically designed for soffit liner applications. It is a premium performance PIR solution. Through ongoing produc tinnovation and breakthrough design, SL5000 represents pioneering progression withinthe PIR market combining premium performance PIR insulation bonded to 6mm calcium silicate.

Delivering greater impact resistance compared to exposed insulation systems, SL5000 provides a decorative finish with no need for on-site decorating. SL5000 will provide reliable long term energy savings for buildings.

Features a super low lambda value of 0.021 W/mK, SL5000 ensures Regulatory compliance is achieved with minimal insulation thicknesses.

Board size: 1200 x 2400mm, Commonly available in thicknesses of 75mm, 96mm and 106mm.

Product Benefits

  • Celotex SL5000 is manufactured from rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) using a blowing agent that has low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).
  • Combines the PIR properties of Celotex insulation with calcium silicate providing additional fire performance
  • Achieves a lambda value of 0.021 W/mK offering enhanced thermal performance and lower U-values
  • Features Class O fire Performance
  • Is A+ rated (insulation only) when compared to the BRE Green Guide rating
  • SL5000 is supported by the Celotex Technical Centre and Thermal Bridging Models

Technical Data

Celotex SL5000 Underfloor Heating Insulation Boards

Product Code

Board dimensions

Thickness (mm)

λ Value (w/mK)

R-value (m²K/W)

U Value (W/m²K)

Weight (kg/m²)

weight (kg)

Celotex SL5086 13 x 1.2 x 2.4 = 37.44m² 86 0.021 3.85 0.26 9.66 27.82
Celotex SL5096 12 x 1.2 x 2.4 = 34.56m² 96 0.021 4.30 0.23 9.98 28.74
Celotex SL5106 11 x 1.2 x 2.4 = 31.68m² 106 0.021 4.80 0.21 10.30 29.66

Thermal conductivity / Lambda value (W/mK) = 0.021 | Compressive strength (kPa) = ≥ 120 | Dimensional stability (70,90)3 - DS(-20.-)1. | Water vapour resistance (MNs/g) = > 100 | Fire propagation BS 476: Part 6 = Pass | Surface spread of flame BS 476: Part 7 = Class 1
Please Note: R-Value = Thermal Resistance; U Value = Thermal Transmittance Co-efficient; Compressive strength = kiloPascals; Vapour resistance = MegaNewton seconds per gram.

Product Information and Certification

Links to manufacturer's information. Click to download in a separate browser window.
Celotex SL5000 Datasheet | Celotex Flooring Certification | Celotex Handy Guide

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