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Knauf Thermal Laminate Insulated Plasterboards

Knauf Thermal Insulating Drywall Laminates combine the qualities of Knauf Wallboard, and Knauf Vapour Panel, with additional insulating materials to provide thermal and acoustic performance, plus condensation control where required.

Knauf Thermal Laminates have been devised a simple, cost effective range of wall lining solutions. The use of highly efficient insulating materials enables Knauf insulated plasterboards to offer excellent thermal resistance whilst the thinnest appropriate section can be selected, thereby keeping costs down and minimising the loss of valuable room space.

Product Applications

All Knauf Insulating Laminates are suitable for direct bonding using Knauf Bonding Compound to brick only, block only or brick/block external walls. 2 nailable plugs should also be used per board as an additional mechanical fixing. They are ideal for use in new build and refurbishment projects and can be used in single or double leaf constructions.

Knauf Thermal Laminate Wallboards and insulated Plasterboards

Knauf Plasterboard Laminates are comprised in general of a core of calcium sulphate dihydrate encased in paper liners onto which various insulation materials are laminated. Minor additives include starch, foaming agents and dispersants. There are three product variants ...

Thermal Laminate ...

... is backed with an expanded polystyrene. The expanded polystyrene contains residual amounts of Pentane (<1%wt), Styrene Monomer and Hydrogen Bromide (FRA Grades only).

Thermal Laminate Plus ...

... is backed with an extruded polystyrene, which is a CFC free, closed-cell rigid polystyrene board.

Knauf Phenolic Laminate ...

... is backed with phenolic foam, which has a wet-lay glass-fibre tissue facing and a rigid phenolic foam core. They are perfect for internal applications in both new or refurbishment constructions to meet specified levels of thermal insulation and to satisfy Building Regulation requirements.

Buy Knauf Thermal Laminate Plasterboards

Knauf insulated plasterboards help prevent wastage of heat through the walls, which reduces the energy required for heating, thereby offering excellent thermal resistance whilst minimising costs, space requirements, and loss of valuable room space.

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Knauf Thermal Laminate Insulated Plasterboards

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Product Overview

Knauf insulating laminates provide an efficient way to achieve instant energy savings, while maximising room space.

All Knauf Insulating Laminates offer simple solutions to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations for walls as well as room-in-roof situations for new build and refurbishment projects.

Knauf insulating laminates reduce CO2 emissions as well as reducing energy expenditure, offering short payback periods.

Knauf insulating laminates are supplied with a tapered edge for direct decoration or plaster finish and can be installed using either Knauf Plasterboard Adhesive and mechanical fixings, or similar.

Knauf Thermal Laminate ...

Is a 9.5mm Knauf Vapourshield plasterboard combined with the same high quality expanded polystyrene.

Thermal Laminate is available in vapour check grade.

Thermal Laminate has a Thermal Conductivity figure for wallboard of k = 0.16W/mK, for Knauf Vapourshield of 0.18W/mK and for Expanded Polystyrene of 0.038W/mK.

Thermal Resistance:

22mm = 0.39m2 K/W
30mm = 0.60m2 K/W
40mm = 0.86m2 K/W

Knauf Thermal Laminate Plus ...

CFC and HCFC-free extruded polystyrene bonded to 9.5mmKnauf Wallboard offers an enhanced thermal performance at a reduced thickness with the additional advantage of providing good vapour resistance. Ideal for use in refurbishment, new build and warm roof situations where an enhanced level of thermal insulation is required.

Thermal Laminate Plus has a Thermal Conductivity figure for wallboard of Mk = 0.16W/mK and for Extruded Polystyrene of 0.030W/mK.

Thermal Resistance:

27mm = 0.71m2 K/W
35mm = 1.00m2 K/W
40mm = 1.19m2 K/W
45mm = 1.37m2 K/W
55mm = 1.75m2 K/W

Knauf Thermal Laminate Phenolic ...

CFC and HCFC-free phenolic foam bonded to 9.5mm Knauf Wallboard offers the highest thermal performance and has a vapour check incorporated within its construction. Phenolic Laminate gives you excellent performance, even in areas where condensation might be a problem.

Knauf Phenolic Laminate has a Thermal Conductivity figure for Vapourshield of 0.18W/mK and for Phenolic Foam of 0.022W/mK (60mm and 65mm boards) or 0.018W/mK (50mm boards).

Thermal Resistance:
50mm = 1.82m2 K/W
60mm = 2.36m2 K/W
65mm = 2.58m2 K/W

Product Performance

Fire Performance

Gypsum is non-combustible. So, by definition, any of the Knauf plasterboard range is acknowledged to contribute to the fire resistance of the structure in which it is used.

Knauf Insulating Laminates are designated as Class O materials under the Building Regulations 1991, Approved document B. They also meet BS476: Part 6: 1989, With the fire propagation index I = 12 and under BS476: Part 7: 1987 surface spread of flame are designated Class 1. Specific Knauf Drywall Systems are fire tested in accordance with BS476: Part 20: 1987.

Acoustic Performance

All Knauf Plasterboards offer excellent sound reduction qualities, whether used in drywall systems for ceilings, wall linings, partitions and separating walls.

Plasterboard, as a single element, is not normally given a sound reduction figure. Specific Knauf Drywall Systems are tested in full accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995 and the values calculated in accordance with BS EN 717-1: 1996.

Vapour Performance

Knauf Vapour check Laminates have been tested to BS3177: 1959 and exceed the minimum requirement of 15MN s/g. Except for Thermal Laminate Plus 27.0mm and 34.5mm.

Product Installation


Thermal Laminates must be installed in full accordance with Knauf's recommendations and those of BS8212: 1995 and BS8000: Part 8: 1994. Screws should penetrate a minimum of 20mm into timber and 10mm into metal framing. Nails should penetrate timber framing by a least 25mm


Knauf Insulating Laminates are not suitable for areas which are subjected to extremes of temperature and humidity.

Temperature over 50°C can induce a change of state in the plasterboard which would reduce its physical performance and serviceability.

Humidity over 90% or subjection to excessive moisture would also reduce the serviceability of the plasterboard.

It is recommended that where PVC insulated cables are to be installed in contact with Knauf Insulated Laminates, for more than 500mm of their length, the cables should be encased in conduit, or a similar barrier, or should be de-rated in accordance with the IEE regulations, 16th, Edition.

Knauf Insulating Laminates must be secondary fixed with a minimum of 2 fixings, meeting the requirements of BS8212: 1995.

Storage on site

Plasterboards are supplied on timber bearers. Packs should be lifted with a fork lift-truck, and stacked not more than one high on a flat surface.

They should be stored in a clean dry environment.

Note: If handling manually, consider risks as required by Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.

Health & Safety

Knauf Plasterboards must be handled with care; boards must be carried on their edges.

When cutting ensure adequate ventilation.

Knauf plasterboards are not classified as hazardous under CHIP2 Regulations 1994 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 1994.

Product Information

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