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Actis Triso Sols - Reflective under-floor multi-foil insulation

Designed for under floor, and wet system underfloor heating applications.

Actis Triso Sols Under-floor Heating Multi-foil

Actis claim this product uniformly reflects the heat generated by hot water under floor heating systems.

Actis further states that Triso Sols eliminates thermal bridging at floor edges (because the insulation product can be turned up the walls at the perimeters) as well as reducing linear heat loss, and helps reduce impact noises.

Product Applications

Actis Triso Sols is a ground-breaking innovative multi-foil insulation designed for hot-water underfloor heating systems, or for use below  the screed on a standard floor

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Click to Buy: Actis Triso Sols - Uncompressed thickness = 7mm - Aluminised polyester outer layers - Components = 13

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Less popular product commonly available at selected depots. Actis Triso Sols 7mm, 1.6x12.5m = 20m² - start at £195.27

1 plus rolls @ £10.22 per m² = £204.31 (£245.17 inc-VAT)
3 plus rolls @ £10.13 per m² = £202.50 (£243.00 inc-VAT)
5 plus rolls @ £10.03 per m² = £200.69 (£240.83 inc-VAT)
8 plus rolls @ £9.94 per m² = £198.88 (£238.66 inc-VAT)
10 plus rolls @ £9.85 per m² = £197.08 (£236.50 inc-VAT)
13 plus rolls @ £9.76 per m² = £195.27 (£234.32 inc-VAT)

Common product, generally held by all depots Generic Aluminised Tape, 100mm x 45m = 45lm - ranging from £0.16 to £0.17 per lm

1 plus rolls @ £0.17 per lm = £7.62 (£9.14 inc-VAT) per roll
5 plus rolls @ £0.17 per lm = £7.55 (£9.06 inc-VAT) per roll
10 plus rolls @ £0.17 per lm = £7.48 (£8.98 inc-VAT) per roll
15 plus rolls @ £0.16 per lm = £7.41 (£8.89 inc-VAT) per roll
20 plus rolls @ £0.16 per lm = £7.35 (£8.82 inc-VAT) per roll
25 plus rolls @ £0.16 per lm = £7.28 (£8.74 inc-VAT) per roll

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Product Advantages

Actis Logo - Innovative Heat Reflecting Multi-Foil Insulation and Breather Membrane Hybrids

Ideal for renovation.
Uniformly reflects the heat from hot water underfloor heating systems back up into the room.
Eliminates thermal bridging at floor perimeters, no need for separate edge strips.
Polythene film with grid markings facilitates laying of heating pipes.
Space saving - preserves headroom (just 6.5mm thick)

Clean and free from fibre irritations. Durable.
Quick and easy to install: flexible, can be cut with scissors or craft knife.

Light, easy to transport.

Further benefits include, seals roof against wind and damp, while retaining ventilation; retains more warmth in winter; prevents loft overheating in the summer; saves valuable living space; beams and rafters may be left exposed.

Product Characteristics

Actis Triso Sols uniformly reflects the heat generated by hot water under floor heating systems. It eliminates thermal bridging at floor edges (because the insulation product can be turned up the walls at the perimeters.

It also reduces linear heat loss, as well as reducing impact noises.

The volume of living spaces to heat is reduced, and the surface area of insulation to install becomes smaller.

Product Specifications

Actis Triso Sols Underfloor / Under-floor Heating Multi-Foil Insulation

Composition ...

13 components

1 grid-squared polyethylene film
6 foam layers
4 internal reflective films
2 metallic films with reinforcing mesh
Thickness +/- 7 mm

Physical Characteristics ...

Roll size: 1.6m x 12.5m = 20m2 -  Weight: 10kg

Due to the product's thinness (7 mm) there is no need to cut the base of doors and room heights can be preserved.

Mechanical Properties ...

Breaking Strength ...

Longditudinal force = > 550 N - BS EN ISO 12311-1

Transversal force = > 400 N

Nail Tear Resistance ...

Longditudinal = > 200N - BS EN ISO 12310-1

Transversal = >300N

Product Information and Certification

Links to manufacturer's information. Click to download in a separate browser window.

Actis Triso Sols Datasheet | Actis Hybrid Products Overview

Product Certification:

Bureau Veritas Certification - ISO9001 + ISO14001

European Tecnical Approval in Process Registration N° 12.01/12

Product Installation


Prepare the floor substrate to obtain a clean, dry and smooth surface.

Laying the first length of product

Unroll the insulation product on the floor substrate and turn the product 100 mm up the walls (to ensure insulation at the floor perimeter).

Laying the next lengths of product

Do not overlap the long edges, instead butt the long edges together.
The polyethylene film should be the only part of the insulation product to overlap.
Cover the joints with ISODHESIF or suitable aluminised tape.


Install the underfloor heating system (heating circuit and screed finish) following the manufacturer's instructions.

Priced on Application:

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