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Web Dynamics TLX Gold - Breather and Multi-Foil combined

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TLX Gold was the first multi-layer insulation product that combined both breather membrane and multi-foil insulation in a single application product. At the time, this unique all-in-one breathable multi-foil and heavy duty roofing membrane introduced a product that made roofing, re-roofing an existing loft room and upgrading pitched roof insulation much easier.

Product Application

TLX Gold is the labour and time saving insulation and breather membrane for above rafter level, pitched roof applications.

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Product Characteristics

TLX Gold acts as a thermal barrier, upgrades existing insulation, replaces roof underlay, is easily and quickly installed, and is a space saving, flexible reflective insulation with combined breather membrane.

Actis Hybris Honey Comb Innovative Hybrid Multi-foil Insulation

This is the brighter way to insulate, as it delivers an air barrier, allows water vapour to pass through, and provides all the benefits of multi-foil insulation.

The top layer is a high performance breather membrane, with a core of PET wadding interleaved with reflective layers, and a bottom layer of reflective film.

All layers are breathable, so moisture passes through the product while the bottom layer reflects infra- red rays back into living space.

Product Advantages

TLX Gold is a unique all-in-one breathable multi-foil and heavy duty roofing membrane that makes re-roofing an existing loft room or upgrading insulation easier:

TLX Gold is a product that is ...

  • Lightweight
  • Air barrier
  • Replaces roof underlay
  • Requires minimal space
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Upgrades existing insulation
  • Complements new insulation
  • Allows water vapour to pass through
  • Clean and easy to use, no protective clothing required
  • Controls heat loss through management of convection, conduction and radiation

Product Information and Certification

Links to manufacturer's information. Click to download in a separate browser window.

TLX Gold Datasheet | TLX Gold Installation Instructions | CE Declaration of Performance - TLX Gold| TLX Gold European Technical Approval

Web Dynamics Insurance & Certification:

Citation: Web Dynamics Statement regarding Insurance and Certification

These days there are few guarantees that don’t come with a page full of small print so we think you will like our product assurance pledge.

Whether you are a builder, roofer or homeowner we keep our promise simple and provide you with peace of mind where you need it most.

Reassurance for Roofers

As a roofer you want to know your product choice is fit for purpose and will deliver to required Building Regulations.

With TLX Gold you can tick that box. Tested to demanding European standards, TLX Gold achieved European Technical Approval (ETA) in 2011. A technical assessment of a product’s suitability for an intended use – which goes further than a BBA (British Board of Agrément) certificate – the award is valid for five years and allows us to use the much recognised CE marking on our product.

All TLX Gold compliant solutions have also achieved LABC Registered Details. Registered systems for TLX Gold help speed up the building regulation process by sharing technical details and recognising Building Control assessments made by others in the LABC network.

TLX Gold, TLX Silver and UV membrane products are guaranteed for 25 years. What this means is that that not only does TLX Gold deliver on product performance, but we also guarantee our U-value and condensation risk calculations. You can be confident you have made the right choice for you and your customers when you install TLX Gold.

Reassurance for Householders

TLX Insulation is the only insulation manufacturer to have become an associate member of the Government licensed TrustMark Scheme.

Supported by the building industry, retail and consumer protection organisations, TrustMark has the largest database of accredited tradesmen in the country and as a member we support you by only recommending reliable tradesmen and demonstrating that we require high standards of installation from them.

Our products are also backed by the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) and we only recommend the installation of our products by NFRC and TrustMark approved roofers. NFRC and TrustMark approved roofers offer a warranty on their work which will also honour a roofer’s guarantee in the event that they cease to trade.

Our product assurance pledge which includes our U-value and condensation risk calculations will give you long term comfort and peace of mind.

Citation ends:

Product Performance

TLX Gold 33mm thick, seven-layer composite structure.

TLX Gold is an insulating membrane that controls water vapour and air movement, enabling a building to ‘breathe’ whilst delivering a comfortable and energy efficient environment.

Described as a ‘space blanket for buildings’, by the Carbon Trust, TLX Gold reflects heat back into the building to conserve maximum energy and is ideal for use in traditionally hard to insulate buildings. It has successfully been put to the test in the refurbishment of a number of historic buildings as well as several public sector, retro-fit social housing, property conversion and new build projects.

The manufacturer has independent test certificates by BBA (British Board of Agrément); BTTG Fire Technology Services and High Performance Materials and the University of Salford’s Thermal Measurement Laboratory. TLX Gold is also currently seeking European Technical Approval (ETA).

TLX Gold from Web Dynamics, the energy and moisture management specialist, has been commended by the Carbon Trust for its contribution to the development of technology which offers major potential to reduce carbon emissions.

The Carbon Trust, with more than 250 submissions from across the UK, nominated Web Dynamics as a finalist in its 2009 Innovation Awards. TLX Gold came up against fierce competition at the Awards and was able to demonstrate the benefits of its TLX Gold combined multi-foil and breather membrane, and show how technology can help reduce emissions from buildings.

TLX Gold - Product Installation

Installation without Counter-Battening

TLX Gold Installation

The left hand side of TLX Gold is fixed in place with staples or nails of at least 14mm, and the TLX Gold rolled across the rafters leaving a 10mm drape between each rafter space.

Staple the TLX Gold every few rafter spaces to hold it in place. The product is installed horizontally, either from ridge to eaves or from eaves to ridge.

Each layer of TLX Gold must butt-join the previous layer, with the membrane overlap running onto the lower layer, thus ensuring that any water runs down the roof slope without penetrating between layers.

The drape should be consistent for each layer of TLX Gold.
A 10mm channel should run above the TLX Gold, up the of each rafter space, to allow water to run down for air movement. If a clear channel is not formed, spacers underneath the tiling battens may be .

The membrane overlap on the bottom layer of TLX Gold extend onto a suitable eaves carrier.

Additional membrane may be used to cover the gaps TLX Gold and the eaves carrier if required.

Vertical overlaps should be a minimum of 50mm.

TLX Gold is permanently held in place by tiling battens tiles are fitted. The tiling battens should hold the of TLX Gold in close contact, if there is any doubt the overlap may be taped in place with a suitable sided tape.

Installation with Counter-Battening

TLX Gold is rolled taut across the rafters in horizontal parallel to the eaves. The product can be installed from ridge to eaves or from eaves to ridge.

The membrane overlap on the lowest layer of TLX Gold extend onto a suitable eaves carrier.

Additional breather membrane may be used to cover the gaps TLX Gold and the eaves carrier if required.

As TLX Gold is unrolled across the rafters it is fixed in with nails or staples of at least 14mm length.

The next layer of TLX Gold must butt-join the previous layer, the membrane overlap running onto the lower, thus ensuring that any water runs down the roof slope without penetrating between layers.

Vertical should be a minimum of 50mm.

TLX Gold is permanently held in place with 25mm deep battens, then tiling battens and tiles are fitted.

The counter battens should hold the layers of TLX Gold close contact, if there is any doubt then the overlap be taped with a suitable double or single sided .

TLX Gold - Installation

Vertical Joint

Unroll the TLX Gold across the top of the rafters.

At the end of the roll, cut back the TLX Gold so that it ends at the middle of a rafter.

Staple the end of the TLX Gold to the rafter.

Butt the end of the next roll of TLX Gold against the end of the first roll. Staple the second roll to the rafter.

Tape over the overlap and the staples using a 50mm wide waterproof tape.

Nail a 38 x 38mm counter batten along the rafter to cover the tape and hold both pieces of TLX Gold firmly in place.

TLX Gold Vertical Joint Installation

Eaves Install Detail

Construct eaves using fascia and soffit boards and fix guttering.

Fit eaves carrier over the end of the rafters so that it runs down into the gutter.

Install TLX Gold above rafters, such that the flange of breathable underlay along the bottom edge of the TLX Gold drapes over the eaves carrier and staple the TLX Gold to the rafters

Fix counter battens down the rafters to hold the TLX Gold securely in place. Fit tile battens and tiles.

Fit the tile battens across the top of the counter battensTLX Gold Eaves Installation Detail

Horizontal Joint

Starting at the bottom of the roof, roll across the rafters, and hold in place with staples

Fit a line of double-sided tape along the top edge of the TLX Gold

Lay a second roll above the first roll. The bottom edge should butt closely up against the first roll.

Fix the overlap of breather membrane on the top layer of TLX Gold to the double sided tape to create a seal.

Lay a line of single sided tape across the staple holes

Fit the tile battens across the top of the counter battens

 TLX Gold Chimney-Roof-Light-Detailing

Skylight-Chimney Detail

Unroll TLX Gold across the area of the roof window.

Cut the top layer as shown in the diagram and fold back the flaps produced by the cut.

Cut out the remaining layers of TLX Gold around the edge of the window.

Fix the flaps formed from the top layer of TLX Gold to the sides of the window frame.

Fit further rolls of TLX Gold and counter batten.



TLX Gold installation Horizontal Joint

TLX Gold - Installation continued ...


TLX Gold can be cut using a sharp knife with the TLX Gold resting on a board, with sharp scissors, a special or a hot knife.
Pieces which have been cut should be stapled and as soon as possible, and should not be left overnight.
Small pieces (such as around Velux windows or in cheeks) should be taped in place, stapled and immediately.
Any small tears or holes should be repaired with tape. holes in the top layer of TLX Gold should be with a piece of breathable underlay.


Where TLX Gold requires taping, it is recommended that 666 38mm double sided tape is used.
All Purpose Duck tape may be used.

Air layers

Unventilated air layers form an important part of the Gold system. If the air spaces are omitted, whilst is no danger of condensation, the overall thermal of the structure will decrease, and the U Value will be higher. Additional insulation may be to achieve the desired U Value for the roof.

Additional Insulation

Install additional insulation according to the ’s instructions.
Provide for air gaps between TLX Gold and additional as required.

General Instructions

Protective clothing is not required when handling TLX
TLX Gold must be installed Gold side facing in.
Bare electrical wiring must not be allowed in contact TLX Gold. PVC coated electrical wiring to normal items such as light fittings may come into with TLX Gold.
If electrical cables are surrounded by insulation they may to be de-rated and guidance should be sought a qualified electrician.


TLX Gold rolls must be stored on a dry flat surface, from the weather and direct sunlight.
Make sure when installing TLX Gold that it does not into contact with heat sources above 80°C.

Vapour Control and Ventilation

A vapour control layer is not required for any of the solutions, using breathable products trapping of water vapour.
A well-sealed ceiling is essential to prevent large of water vapour from entering the roof space air movement.
Ventilation of the space between the TLX Gold and the roof covering is not required for air-open such as clay or concrete tiles and rough natural . Smooth slates and sealed roof coverings such as roofs require additional ventilation of this space.
If in any doubt about possible harmful condensation, Web Dynamics Ltd for guidance.

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